About Taekwondo Association of India (TAI-ITF) President B.V. Ramanaiah


This is the letter our President B.V. Ramaiah was received from his Master Leong Wai Meng (7th Dan) on March 25, 1993. One can form an association overnight and boast about their “purchased credentials” but you can not purchase honesty and reputation.


Here is a man from a small village in Andhra Pradesh went on become the most famous Taekwondo personality in India. He sold his properties and worked hard in spreading awareness about Taekwondo. This innocent village man was deceived by some people and tried to sideline him. He stood firm and has been running Taekwondo nationals for last 27 years.


Taekwondo association of India president Master B.V. Ramanaiah


Highlights of the letter about B.V. Ramanaiah in 1993:


1. He started training Taekwondo over 15 years ago in India.


2. B.V. Ramanaiah has been the vice-president of the Taekwondo Association since 1985.


3. He was the national champion in sparring for India every year since 1985.


4. He has represented India for World Taekwondo Championship in Pyongyang (North Korea) in 1992.


5. In 1993, B.V. Ramanaiah is the most senior black belt in India. He is also the state chief instructor for Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.


About Taekwondo association resident Master B.V. Ramanaiah


In 1994, he was the only 4th Dan Black belt in India. He is the only ITF taekwondo personality in India to receive 6 Dans from Taekwondo founder General Choi Hong Hi.


Here is the photo of his Taekwondo training class in Delhi in 1995


Ramanaiah Taekwondo class in Delhi in 1995


You can contact TAI-ITF President Master B.V. Ramanaiah, 7th Dan Black belt, on (91) 98485 26622.


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