Taekwondo Association of India (ITF) has been conducting championships at National, South Zone and State levels for last few years. Here are the details of medal winners at different Taekwondo competitions (Click on the relevant name to get details for that particular Taekwondo championship).


Winners of National, South Zone and State Taekwondo championships (ITF):


ITF Taekwondo championship winners




South Zone


 1986 1st Nationals--
 1987 2nd Nationals--
 1988 3rd Nationals--
 1989 4th Nationals--
 1990 ---
 1991 5th Nationals--
 1992 6th Nationals--
 1992 7th Nationals--
 1993 8th Nationals- 1st AP Sate
 1994 9th Nationals- 2nd AP Sate
 1995 10th Nationals- 3rd AP Satte
 1996 11th Nationals- 4th AP Satte
 1997 12th Nationals- 5th AP State
 1998 13th Nationals 1st South Zone 6th AP State
 1999 14th Nationals 2nd South Zone 7th AP State
 2000 15th Nationals 3rd South Zone 8th AP State
 2001 16th Nationals 4th South Zone 9th AP State
 2002 17th Nationals 5th South Zone 10th AP State
 2003 18th Nationals 6th South Zone 11th AP State
 2004 19th Nationals 7th South Zone 12th AP State
 2005 20th Nationals 8th South Zone 13th AP State
 2006 21st Nationals 9th South Zone 14th AP State
 2007 22nd Nationals 10th South Zone 15th AP State
 2008 23rd Nationals 11th South Zone 16th AP State
 2009 24th Nationals 12th South Zone 17th AP State
 2010 25th Nationals 13th South Zone 18th AP State
 2011 26th Nationals 14th South Zone 19th AP State
 2012 27th Nationals 15th South Zone 20th AP State
 2013 28th Nationals 16th South Zone 21st AP State


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