Videos: 25th national Taekwondo championship in Ongole

  Taekwondo Association of India (ITF) conducted the 25th national Taekwon-Do championship at Rice Millers Association Hall in Ongole from December 24-26, 2010.   25th Taekwon-Do nationals (ITF) video:     Ongole Taekwondo national championship (ITF) video:     … [Read more...]

General Choi Taekwondo seminar in Nepal

  "Father of Taekwon-Do" General Choi Hong Hi conducted a Taekwon-Do seminar in Nepal in 2000. General Choi conducted Taekwondo classes for Indian students during the seminar. TAI President B.V. Ramanaiah also attended the seminar and took valuable lessons from General Choi.   Gallery: General Choi Taekwondo seminar in Nepal:   TAI-ITF President B.V. Ramanaiah with General Choi Hong Hi.             General Choi with Taekwondo students:         Andhra Pradesh Taekwon-Do students with General Choi:      … [Read more...]